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We have a forum that is dedicated to helping SQL users find solutions to their doubts and queries. If you are looking for a solution for a particular question, the chances are that it has already been asked and answered at our forum. If you are not able to find the question on the forum, you are free to post a question of your own. One of our experts will get back to you very soon. You can also inspire discussions about different ways to solve a particular situation. The forum at our website helps people find solutions and different ways of solving the same problem.

Backups Are Very Important

Any SQL developer worth their salt knows the importance of creating backups. Backups help keep your website running smoothly even if any data goes missing or there is an issue with the systems. The backups can help you roll back to any safe point and continue working from there. Most businesses use websites to collect information from their customers. This information needs to be stored in databases, to be used at a later time. To prevent losing the entire customer database, keeping a backup is very crucial to the firm. Most SQL developers set a backup routine to occur automatically every day or week. This helps keep all the information safe from being lost in oblivion.

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File Transfer Protocol

File transfer protocol or FTP is a necessary part of every business. Without transferring files, how can you run your business? This is here FTP comes in. With simple layers used to download and upload files, all of your files find the right way to the right destination.

The website was founded around six years ago when a group of SQL users discovered there was no common meeting ground to discuss the various issues faced while using SQL in different circumstances. In less than a month, the groundwork was laid for the website, which led to founders building the fantastic website present before you today. We were joined by many enthusiastic SQL users, who helped expand the website continually. The community at sql-backup-master.com

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